Saturday, 8 November 2008

Hockney Photomontage Program ICE

This great free program lets you automatically composite shots/images, ICE (image composite editor) taken in the hockney style arrangement montage. saves you a lot of time trying to make them in photoshop with 30+ layers.  

its only 3mb, handy little piece if software.

lets you easily save as jpeg, or a higher quality tiff.

found in web user magazine issue 199 pg 40


Anonymous said...

Did you really use ICE to create that montage? I didn't realize that you could use ICE for these hockneyesque effects. Could you provide a few more details on the workflow you used for this result?


Visual Think Map said...

i have to apologise, i didnt make the hockney examle using ICE. from what i read you are able to manually alter/move/manipulate the composited individual images using the program to still make the multi layered hockney effect. i was just using hockney as an example. i will have ago when i find some time and see if how well i can create a hockney effect.

again apologises if people have already tried. didnt mean to mislead.

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